Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn
The New Book From Ken Sarna

This book was written for homeowners and real estate professionals to help them better understand what is really going on in the trenches as opposed to what is typically being portrayed in the media. It includes a breakdown of the mistakes made during the real estate boom, understanding the options underwater homeowners have, key points to a successful short sale closing and more.

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About Ken Sarna

President & CEO | The Millennium Consulting Group

Ken Sarna is one of the nation’s premier experts on short sales, foreclosures, loan modifications and other options underwater homeowners have in today’s environment.  Founder and CEO of The Millennium Consulting Group in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sarna has used his knowledge, talent and insight to help homeowners address their over mortgaged property issues.  His direct, honest and passionate approach has led to thousands of satisfied clients who have repeatedly used the phrase, “beyond our expectations,” when discussing Sarna, his staff and the successful outcomes they’ve delivered.

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